Human Computer Interaction

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Founded in 1983, UMD’s Human-Computer Interaction lab is one of the world's oldest centers for the study of human centered computing. With a long history of creating innovative interaction designs and understanding human performance, we have contributed to the development of applications that serve the community. The HCIL is an interdisciplinary lab jointly operated by UMIACS and the College of Information Studies (iSchool), as well as comprised of faculty and students from Computer Science, Information Studies, Psychology, and other campus units. Our current work includes new approaches to information visualization, education, social computing, mobile devices, medical informatics and explores technology design methods with and for children.

Associated Faculty

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Affiliate Assistant Professor
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Affiliate Associate Professor
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Affiliate Assistant Professor
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Adjunct Associate Professor
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Affiliate Associate Professor
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Senior Lecturer
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Assistant Professor
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Affiliate Professor
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Professor Emeritus